Owning secured income generating assets for the benefit of professional investors.


CapSol Acquisitions plc is a special purpose asset holding company established to provide a diversified and secured return to it’s medium term note investors.

Our principle activities are limited to:

  • the issue of secured notes backed by, inter alia, prime first charge buy-to-let mortgages;
  • the origination, purchase and acquisition of UK debt obligations denominated in Pounds Sterling;
  • the ongoing administration of the portfolio of UK debt obligations and the secured medium term note programme; and
  • the inability to incur any other form of indebtedness, other than the issuance of the secured medium term notes.

Core Alternative Investment Strategy

This secured medium term note investment opportunity is relatively unique against the current market backdrop.

CapSol Acquisitions plc provides an alternative investment strategy which enables professional investors to “own” a beneficial interest in prime first charge buy-to-let mortgage loans, without having to directly acquire, maintain or service rental properties.

This strategy enables Noteholders to receive a secured return, directly generated from first charge buy-to-let mortgages backed by quality rental properties located in England and Wales.

The borrowers of these buy-to-let mortgage loans would typically be highly experienced landlords and professional property investors.

The UK buy-to-let market remaining resilient and growing. Experienced investors are able to absorb longer void periods across their more diversified property portfolios.

Professional buy-to-let landlords in the UK continuing to borrow to expand their portfolios as mortgage rates stabilise amid improved market confidence.

Those with large property portfolios are capitalising on the increasing availability of lower value properties as less experienced investors are forced to sell (higher mortgage rates materially eroded or wiped out surplus rental yield).

An increasing shift in property investors seeking out higher return investments against the backdrop of the higher interest rate environment.

Property investors are expanding their portfolios where the highest yields are.

Professional property investors planning to invest more into regional residential and mixed-use properties.

Rental yields vary by location, with highest yields often found in regional areas and mixed-use residential properties.

Demand for rented accommodation continuing to outstrip supply in the face of ongoing shortage of affordable housing.

UK Government and Local Authorities increasingly focussing on regenerating city centres, encouraging conversion of redundant commercial and semi-commercial properties into residential properties.